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NetSupport Assist delivers the features you would expect from a focused classroom management solution, from monitoring student screens to delivering real-time screen presentations.

With NetSupport Assist, teachers can improve the efficiency of classroom teaching by centrally instructing students from their computer. From registering attendance at the start, monitoring activity during and logging off machines at the end of the lesson, NetSupport Assist allows teachers to focus their time and attention on their students, rather than on managing the software.

For use within your Apple Mac or Linux classroom, NetSupport Assist is a focused classroom management software solution that ensures teachers have the tools they need to monitor, engage and collaborate with their students.

Benefiting from NetSupport's 20+ years supplying market-leading solutions to education, NetSupport Assist rises to the challenge and requirements of today's modern classroom.

View Student Activity

Monitor the entire class or selected students with high quality scalable thumbnails of each desktop. Zoom to focus on individuals or click for full 1:1 remote control

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 NetSupport Protect - Desktop Security, Lockdown and Content Protection Solution 
 NetSupport Notify - Desktop Alerting and Notification Solution 
 NetSupport Manager (Remote Control) 
 NetSupport School - Windows Classroom Management 
 NetSupport Assist - Mac and Linux Classroom Management 
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  • How to buy NetSupport Assist - Mac and Linux Classroom Management ?

    If you wish to buy NetSupport Assist - Mac and Linux Classroom Management, you can first generate a quote online or request one via email. Send email to sales@logon-int.com.

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