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Parasoft Enterprise Developers Kit (EDK) is a comprehensive suite of powerful software quality solutions for C/C++ and Java Developers. EDK includes Insure++, TCA, Inuse, CodeWizard for HTML, CodeWizard for C++, WebKing, Jtest and for the windows environment includes C++Test. More details on these individual tools are available on this site. EDK supports Solaris, Linux, Windows 95, Windows 98, Windows NT and Windows 2000. EDK is also available for 64-bit environments like AIX4, Digital Unix, HP9000, SGI, and Sun OS.

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The following are the purchasing options for Parasoft Enterprise Developers Kit (EDK). If you require a formal quote, choose one or more products and click on the ""Create an Online Quote"" link at the bottom.
 Parasoft Insure++ more info.&. 
 Parasoft Threads++ (Add-on to Insure++) more info.&. 
 Parasoft TCA (Add-on to Insure++) more info.&. 
 Parasoft Inuse (Add-on to Insure++) more info.&. 
 Parasoft CodeWizard more info.&. 
 Parasoft Jtest more info.&. 
 Parasoft C++Test more info.&. 
 Parasoft WebKing more info.&. 
 Parasoft C/C++ Developers Kit (CDK) more info.&. 
 Parasoft Web Developers Kit (WDK) Java Edition more info.&. 
 Parasoft Web Developers Kit (WDK) C/C++ Edition more info.&. 
 Parasoft Embedded Developers Kit (EMDK) more info.&. 
 Parasoft Enterprise Developers Kit (EDK) more info.&. 
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  • How to buy Parasoft Enterprise Developers Kit (EDK) ?

    If you wish to buy Parasoft Enterprise Developers Kit (EDK), you can first generate a quote online or request one via email. Send email to sales@logon-int.com.

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