Best Regression Testing for Web Based Apps in Malaysia


Most QA regression testing for website systems (including Java Testing) fail because:
1. It is difficult to find a complete QA regression testing systems for web applications that is straightforward and easy to implement.
2. Most QA regression testing tools are either partial or disjointed components that are difficult to implement.
3. Most QA regression testing require long implementation cycles and a high degree of complexity– increasing the risk of project failure.
4. QA tools that rely heavily on custom coding to support your web application, will increase the time and risk to implement successful automation.
5. Most QA tools are weak in one or more of the essential areas– speed, usable, scalable, flexible, extensible, availability &; integrations with other tools.
6. Most QA tools have high operational costs


Fastest, Easiest & Most Complete Web QA Automation.

CloudQA is a full-featured, comprehensive, QA regression testing suite (much better than Selenium), that is fast to setup and deploy, optimized for Web applications, has FAST testing results, all at a price within reach in Malaysia.

Awards for Automated QA Testing

• Listed in “20 Most Promising Software Testing Solution Providers 2017” – CIOReview
• Listed in “25 Most Promising Cloud Solution Providers 2016” – APAC CIO Outlook
• Listed in “20 Most Promising Software Testing and QA Companies” – Silicon India

There are five MAIN reasons to consider CloudQA

  1. Completely Integrated QA Automation Tool
  2. Fastest & Easiest Setup and Deployment
  3. Optimized for Web applications
  4. Provides the MOST Comprehensive and FASTEST Testing
  5. Price Performance Leader

1. Complete Integrated QA Website Regression Testing in Malaysia

Unlike other disparate and solo testing applications that have different interfaces, individual learning curves, do not work or sync together and offered at higher costs, CloudQA is available in modules or as a complete QA functional testing suite.

  • Unified Platform. Unlike other patched-together regression testing tools, all modules of CloudQA were developed on the same platform with a common architecture, are integrated, and work together seamlessly. It is the only tool that allows you to create a complex test case in minutes and use it for functional testing, stress testing, functionality testing in a live environment to monitor application behavior under different conditions—saving you effort, complexity and costs.Regression Testing
  • Complete QA Lifecycle Support. QA lifecycle starts with test definition, followed by test creation, editing, maintenance, execution, notification, and reporting—all are fully integrated which eliminates multiple points of failure and reduces the typical implementation risks from using multiple disjointed tools to support a QA lifecycle.
  • Integration With 3rd Party Tools. CloudQA provides integration with popular tools like:
    • ALM tools (TestRail, TFS, Asana)
    • CI/CD (Jenkins, CircleCI, TravisCI & DevOps support)
    • Bug Tracking (Jira, BugTracker)
    • Team communication (Slack, SMS, webhooks)
    • Version control tools (Github, TFS)
    • Open API Integration

These 3rd party integrations make CloudQA a seamless part of your application lifecycle management

2. Fastest & Easiest Setup and Deployment in Malaysia

CloudQA can create regression testing scenarios in minutes, using a robust pre-built cloud infrastructure, with a minimal learning curve:

  • Codeless Automation. Unlike other QA tools, that require days or weeks of software development to create automated test scenarios, CloudQA achieves this in a fraction of the time via codeless automation. It includes rapid test setup and a powerful test recordJava Tester that captures all the steps of a workflow so you can cover hundreds of scenarios of a complex application in record time.
  • Cloud-based. Traditional QA regression tools require expensive infrastructure like a “test lab” with multiple computers, software on each machine and a central management console–the upfront requirements are expensive and also take time and effort to set up. CloudQA utilizes powerful public cloud infrastructure that requires no setup or on-site infrastructure.
  • Supports testers of all skills. Test creation is typically the most complex process of QA automation. Especially since most QA regression tools either require programming skills or expertise in their own scripting language to create tests. CloudQA’s codeless recorder is powerful, yet does not require any coding expertise so business users who have the functional knowledge of the application, but no development background can create their own tests without depending on developers.
  • Zero to little learning curve. ClouQA provides a familiar user environment where you type, click and interact with your web application and the recorder captures your actions as you navigate your site. There is no steep learning curve as with other regression tools so any tester with basic web browser skills can be productive with CloudQA in minutes.

3. Optimized for Web Applications in Malaysia

CloudQA’s codeless regression testing supports most of the popular emerging web technologies and testing frameworks. This ensures you don’t get caught in an endless cycle of writing custom code if your tool does not support your web development technologies out of the box.

  • Broad Technology Coverage. CloudQA does not require custom development to set up testing, since it supports the most popular web technologies and frameworks out of the box, including:
  • JavaScripts. Industry’s MOST support for jQuery, Angular, Ember, React, Vue, Knockout, Backbone, Single Page Applications (SPA). Plus, supports dynamic element identifiers, asynchronous calls, AJAX callbacks, and more (used by over 90.5% of web developers)—if you need it, CloudQA supports it!
  • CMS’s. Includes excellent support for all popular CMS’s like WordPress, Drupal, Joomla, Sharepoint, Magento and more. Allows you to manage and test all your dynamically changing CMS content.load testing
  • Most Development Tools Support. Native, out of the box, codeless automated java test support for, PHP, Ruby, Python, NodeJS, including iFrames, DevExpress, Telerik controls, etc. Can save you weeks to months of setup and custom coding testing routines.
  • Complex Dialogue Handling. Supports dialog handling for modern and legacy web applications Including modal and non-modal dialogs, new windows and new tabs, etc. Unlike other regression testing tools that require complex custom scripting and advanced development know how.
  • Data Driven Testing. CloudQA has a mature data-driven automation framework where test data (input or verification values) can be
  • Pre-defined as static values stored in an auto-generated CSV file
    • Auto-generated dynamic data values
    • Harvested from a running system using store variables
    • Making it easy to add additional data inputs to the test cases when new functionality is discovered or added to the application under test.
  • Smart AJAX Synchronization. CloudQA supports automatic waiting for AJAX and Pageloads so there is no need to keep track of every AJAX call in your application or add explicit wait steps–thus speeding up creation and maintenance of regression testing.

4. The MOST Comprehensive and FASTEST Testing in Malaysia

CloudQA provides…

  • Most Powerful Test Recorder. CloudQA uses Smart resilient accessors, locators and Object Spy with an optimal CSS Selector algorithm that works with the majority of web technologies to fix test scripts that have Regression Testingbroken locators—making it easy and automatic to locate your target element. This allows you to record robust, cross-browser friendly regression testing on various web technologies without code.
  • Measure and track REAL user experience. Unlike real browsers, virtual browsers (used by most test automation tools) cannot measure the amount of time the browser takes to render the page on the screen. CloudQA works with real browsers and can measure and track end-user experience as perceived by your customers (instead of some proxy metric)—ensuring the most accurate measure of real user experience.
  • Elastic scalability With Fast Parallel Testing. CloudQA allows you to run hundreds or thousands of regression testing reliably in parallel and on-demand within the cloud. This helps you achieve scalable, fast and reliable testing without the expense of a massive on-premise test lab, virtual machines or geographically distributed counters

5. Price Performance Leader in Malaysia

CloudQA is the undisputed price performance leader with the lowest cost of ownership. Monthly pricing starts at as low as $100 which makes it the most affordable complete QA automation tool. When you consider the minimal equipment cost and the minimal need for expensive testers, it comes out far ahead of the competition.

  • Low Infrastructure requirements. It only needs a connection to the cloud.
  • Personnel requirements. CloudQA is the simplest and easiest regression testing tool to learn, so it can be used with minimal development skill by business analysts, functional users, or manual testers.
  • Lowest effort test setup & execution. Setup time is minutes, not hours or days so you can be up and running in record time. Plus, the learning time is low—considering the same core technology is used for functional, load test or site monitoring.
  • Consumption-based pricing model. CloudQA pricing is a tiered model based on the functionality and the execution minutes that you consume.

Picture this

  • Think about the last time your QA automation software failed, and then never think of it again.
  • Imagine accessing advanced, enterprise-level automation features at a flexible price point scaled to fit your business and its needs.
  • Imagine saving weeks/months of time and money by speeding up all your QA automation tasks and avoiding complicated set-up and administration frustrations. Stop imagining.

Know CloudQA, the fastest, easiest and most complete QA automation software in Malaysia

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