CloudQA specialize in Agile Testing, Rapid Test Automation, Codeless Testing, Cloud Execution, Record, Playback and Web Application Testing. CloudQA is a cloud based automated web site / application testing software. LOGON is a CloudQA partner in Asia.

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CloudQA products that we offer..

CloudQA TruMonitor – Synthetic Monitoring

Amplify synthetic monitoring with TruMonitor ! Scale synthetic monitoring at speed. Generate tests for complex workflows with ease. Assess performance… more

CloudQA TruRT – Functional and Regression Testing

Accelerate regression testing with TruRT ! Assure high-quality product faster. Scale regression testing on demand. Test user-like workflows on the… more

CloudQA TruLoad – Load Testing

Augment load testing with TruLoad ! Website performance testing that does more than load testing at a protocol level. Carry… more