LEADTOOLS is a leader in Imaging SDKs since the 90's. LEADTOOLS is a family of comprehensive toolkits designed to help programmers integrate raster, document, medical, multimedia, and vector imaging into their desktop, server, tablet, and mobile applications. It holds the top position in every major country throughout the world and boasts a healthy, diverse customer base and strong list of corporate partners including some of the largest and most influential organizations from around the globe.

LOGON is an authorized partner of LEADTOOLSWe offer pre-sales assistance, first line technical support for all LEADTOOLS solutions.

LeadTools Mobile

LEADTOOLS Mobile Capture SDK uses the live preview on mobile devices and tablets to enable real-time recognition without the need… more

LeadTools Imaging

LEADTOOLS Imaging SDK Technology includes the tools developers need to add powerful imaging technology to their applications. Based on more… more

LeadTools Multimedia

LEADTOOLS Multimedia SDK technologies are specifically designed for the development of audio/video applications across a wide variety of industries, including… more

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging

LEADTOOLS Medical Imaging SDK Technology is available in a varying levels via LEADTOOLS Medical and PACS Imaging SDK products. These… more

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging

LEADTOOLS Document Imaging SDK Technology has been trusted by application developers since 1990 to deliver powerful, end to end document-imaging… more