BPA Server 10 (Organizational Automation Solution) – Whats New ?

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The following features are exclusive to version 10 of AutoMate BPA Server :

Skybot Scheduler - integrate with cross-platform job scheduler, Skybot

PDF - create, sign, stamp, encrypt, decrypt, extract, search

Facebook - update status, upload photos, search posts, execute FQL

Image - flip, join, crop, rotate, resize, overlay, convert, filter, etc

WMI - execute queries on local and remote resources

PowerShell - run scripts on local or remote computers


New Amazon Web Services Actions

Simple Email Service - Effortlessly integrate SES with other AWS products - Automate the creation and transmission of emails and retrieve and verify identities.

DynamoDB - Harness Amazon’s NoSQL DB. Use AutoMate to query, create, update, delete, list, and describe tables; scan, create, delete, and get items.

Database Trigger
Database Trigger Logo
Monitor MS SQL Server and Oracle Databases
Fire off task execution when a specific command is performed on a SQL or Oracle database, such as data insertions, deletions or updates.


General Updates and Enhancements

-- Workflow Resume on Error
-- Improved Reports and Charts
-- Improved Agent Deployment and Upgrades
-- Improved WFD Search and Filter Capabilities
-- SMC Drag-and-Drop Importing
-- 64 bit application
-- Java App Window Dissection
-- Modernized UI
-- Improved Expression Builder
-- Improved Action Regions
-- Custom Dialog / Easy Input Forms
-- File System Trigger Prerequisites
-- …and a lot more!