LOGON is an authorized partner of LEADTOOLS. We are trained and experienced product consultants who work with clients understanding their project requirements and recommend the best licensing options that comply with LEADTOOLS licensing policies.


A customer's use of a LEADTOOLS software development toolkit (SDK) or add-on is governed by the license agreement that accompanies the product.

The SDK license has two (2) primary licensing components:

  • A "Development License" that allows a programmer to develop with the SDK.
  • A "Deployment License" permitting the customer to deploy or distribute the resulting application containing LEAD’s intellectual property contained in the SDK redistributable files.


Development License for SDK products:

A Development License is required to program with LEADTOOLS.  The Development License may be purchased directly from LEAD or from a LEAD authorized distributor or reseller. The Development License allows the customer to install the SDK on a development computer and use the SDK for development of an end user application, by integrating certain redistributable libraries and files into the end user application using the SDK sample code and documentation.


Deployment License

The Deployment License governs the customer’s use of the resulting end user application ("End User Software") that is developed with the SDK. Unlike a license agreement for a typical end user application, an SDK license generally grants the user a license to copy and redistribute a portion of the SDK. LEAD’s customers must obtain the appropriate deployment license in order to copy LEAD’s intellectual property and deploy it along with the end user software developed with the LEAD SDK. LEAD SDK deployment licensing requirements also vary depending upon the type of deployment being made by the customer  (e. g. internal, commercial, hosted service, desk top/single user, mobile device/single user, concurrent user, deployment to server, deployment to kiosk).


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